Future teller?

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Future teller?
Hello, Is there anyone that can tell my future online without a picture of me. If you can please email at royalblood360@hotmail.com

And I will need you to know my name just to see if you are telling the truth
No my name is not michael myers.

Answer by visionaryme
dob/tob/day of borth r essential all else is qs?

Answer by lemondrop
Your name is Michael.

Answer by Broken Pearls
Fortune teller mrs me.

i have sent you an email, and if im right i ask of only one thing, do not tell anyone of me, or that i know things. i know these things through my assistant (dead of course) named ruth ellis. yup, shes a famous ghost. hard to belive huh? just dont tell anyone of me or my powers please otherwise people will find me. thanks.

if i have talked nothing but gobbled-di-goop, then email me back teeling me how i was wrong. if i was wrong, you need to tell me how i was so i can inform ruth of her misconceptions on your telecenetic field. by the way, you name is aaron. ruth tells me she is positive of your name =D

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do u know where i kan find online a fortune teller?
i want to know my future or a clue about it. iam just interested. so do u know a website where i kan talk to a fortune teller or something like that?

Answer by whatyousay!!!!!!!

Answer by Psychic.dougddog
welcome to psychic hot line by dougddog look at my profile for more info

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