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Why don’t people just pray to Jesus and ask him questions, instead of paying money to a psychic?

questions to ask a psychic

This is the second part of my answers to my subscribers psychic questions. If you have a question, and you subscribe I will answer you too. It’s never too late to ask a question. You can read my reviews from my other subscribers who asked a question and you won’t be disappointed. This is a […]

How accurate is a palm reading?

how accurate is palm reading Haiku Helen – Psychic Maui | Party Entertainment , Fortune Teller, Psychic Helen has been reading palms for over 40 years. She is a 4th generation palm reader. HaikuHelen Kritzler is a fixture on Maui. A shaman – a wizard , a truly wise woman she been doing readings for over 30 years- A […]

what more can i do to free up disc space?

A small town tucked away in the heart of India, Malegaon is fraught with communal tension and under economic depression. To escape the harsh reality of their world, its people seek refuge in the fantastical world of cinema. This passion for cinema has driven a group of cinema enthusiasts to create their own films – […]

What do you think of my new wardrobe?

Commercial Spot for the new iZen Customized video vocal warmups by Melissa Cross. The iZen is for vocalists to use on the road, in the studio, and every day, right in the palm of their hands. Directed, Shot & Edited by Tommy Jones, we have done iZen’s for Cradle of Filth, Bullet For My Valentine, […]